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ROKITA GROUP is a modern day technology driven conglomerate that is working towards one goal - to create a better future. We work in various industries, ranging from media to defence and this allows us to work on projects with high efficiency and speed. Currently we have offices in London, Los Angeles, Paris, and the Netherlands, we are expanding at a rapid rate and are aiming to open offices in New York and Tokyo by the end of 2021.


NexusMedia has a deep rooted understanding of the current social landscape, with extensive experience in the online retail industry and social media brands.

RokitaX is alway striving to be at the forefront of the AI industry, it conducts advanced technical research and provides various services to the defense sector.

Creation Apparel is a fashion conglomerate who’s mission is to create high quality successful brands for our clients with a full service from design through production to marketing.

NEXI creates tailored high-end automation systems for residential and commercial properties. Each installed system is customised to the clients exact needs with extreme attention to detail.